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2.2.0 - autoclass enhancements

  • @autoclass now provides an autofields argument to apply pyfields.autofields automatically before applying autoclass. Fixes #38
  • @autoclass now removes private fields from the generated autodict representation by default. Fixes #37

2.1.5 - python 2 packaging improvements

  • setup improvements: set the universal wheel flag to 1, and cleaned up the Fixes #36

2.1.4 - Packaging improvements

  • improvements: now including py.typed, excluding tests folder, and using zip_safe=False

2.1.3 - Fixed DeprecationWarning

  • Fixed DeprecationWarning. Fixed #35

2.1.2 - bugfix

Fixed bug happening when pyfields is not installed. Fixed #33.

2.1.1 - pyproject.toml

Added pyproject.toml.

2.1.0 - @autoeq


  • Added independent @autoeq, supported in @autoclass and automatically activated when autodict=False. Fixed #32.


  • Fixed @autorepr when only_known_fields is False: now property names are correctly used instead of the private names.

  • Fixed @autodict's generated __eq__ method: when the other object is a dictionary a direct comparison is now done before trying super.

2.0.0 - pyfields support + major refactoring


  • default string representation in @autodict is now more readable. Legacy representation is still available through a parameter. Fixed #29.

  • pyfields can now be used as the source for the list of attributes, in @autohash, @autodict, and @autoclass. Fixes #28

  • new @autorepr decorator. Previously this feature was only available through @autodict, it can now be used without it. autorepr is supported in @autoclass, and if users set autodict=False by default it will be enabled. Fixed Fixed #30 and #31.

Misc / bugfixes

  • Major refactoring: more readable and maintainable code.

  • Fixed @autodict behaviour when the list was vars(self) and used together with @autoprops: with some options the private names were appearing and with others the public property names were appearing. Now the public property names always appear if they exist.

1.18.0 - @autoslots

New @autoslots feature, that can also be used from @autoclass by setting (autoslots=True). Fixes #9

1.17.2 - Added __version__ attribute

Added __version__ attribute at package level.

1.17.1 - Fixed bug with latest valid8

  • Fixed ValidationError happening in all use cases. Fixed #25.

1.17.0 - Fixed include/exclude behaviour concerning property attributes

  • Names used in include and exclude are now correctly taken into account by autodict and autohash even if the names correspond to property names and therefore the actual attributes names start with an underscore. Fixes #21

1.16.0 - Python 2 support

  • This library now works on python 2.7, 3.5, 3.6 and 3.7. Fixes #3.

1.15.1 - fixed valid8 exception message

1.15.0 - more tolerance for inherited constructors

  • autodict, autohash and autoprops now tolerate inherited constructors

1.14.0 - submodule name changes

  • The submodule names were conflicting with the variable names: renamed them all
  • The init file has been improved so as not to export symbols from other packages. Fixes #23

1.13.0 - @autodict_override

  • New annotation @autodict_override that you can use to override __iter__, __getitem__ or __len__. Fixes #22

1.12.0 - autodict fix

  • In case of inheritance, the order of attributes in now better and reproductible. Fixes #20
  • Printed representation created by @autodict now uses the same order than the generated keys iterator on the dictionary-faceted object.

1.11.0 - autodict fixes

  • @autodict does not add the from_dict class method anymore if this method already exists. If it does not already exist however, it is now always created (even if only_constructor_args=False)
  • inheritance is now handled more correctly (not perfect but it seems to handle more cases) with @autodict. Fixes #19

1.10.2 - minor bugfix

1.10.1 - compatibility

  • Now compliant with old versions of typing module: typing.Type is not imported explicitly anymore.
  • tests updated with latest version of valid8

1.10.0 - bugfixes and updated doc

1.9.2 - added autohash + fix

  • new annotation @autohash
  • The equality method __eq__ generated by @autodict is now correct
  • @autodict: fixed consistency with default values of only_public_fields: it was False when using the individual decorator, but True when using @autoclass global decorator or the manual decoration method. Now it is True everywhere.

1.9.1 - a few fixes

  • Now compliant with valid8 2.0.0
  • Fixed #13: now generated setters have default values when it was the case on the constructor.

1.9.0 - valid8 is now an independent project

  • Boolean, validate, validate_decorate and all validators have been moved to an independent project, thus decoupling autoclass from the choice of validator library.

1.8.1 - minor improvements

  • Now detecting conflicts with enforce when annotations are not in the right order (see #12)
  • Added tests for on_each_ and on_all_ and fixed corresponding bugs.

1.8.0 - new validators for collections

  • Added on_each_ and on_all_

1.7.1 - bug fix: lts validator

  • lts was erroneously mappend onto gt. Fixed this.

1.7.0 - @autoclass

  • New decorator @autoclass to apply several features at once.
  • @autodict now also generates a from_dict static method in the class, as well as __str__, __repr__ and __eq__ if not present

1.6.0 - @autodict

  • New decorator @autodict to make a class behave like a (read-only) dict. So this is a 'dict view' on top of an object, basically the opposite of munch (that is an 'object view' on top of a dict)

1.5.0 - Robustness and minor improvements

  • better error messages for set enforcers
  • uniform management of validators lists: now passing a list creates an 'and_' operator behind the scenes
  • better handling of empty lists
  • and, or, xor now automatically replace themselves with their contents when their contents is a single validator
  • added a few tests to improve coverage (hopefully)

1.4.3 - User-friendly validators error messages

  • better validation error messages for parametrized validators

1.4.2 - Improved and documented validators

  • improved validators list documentation
  • added new validator: and_
  • fixed bugs in or_, not_, and xor_ : since custom validators may now throw exceptions other than ValidationError and may return None, there was a need to update them to take these cases into account
  • not_ may now be applied to a list of validators (implicit and_)
  • more unit tests for boolean validators

1.4.1 - Improved and documented validation feature

  • A validator function may now return None
  • improved documentation on @validate in particular for custom validators implementation

1.4.0 - Added validation feature

  • New: @validate annotation allowing to implement input validation. Comes with a bunch of built-in validators.

1.3.1 - Documentation and Travis integration 2

  • Improved documentation
  • Automatic test report generation in travis
  • Automatic PyPI deployment on tags in travis

1.3.0 - Project renaming

  • classtools-autocode Project was renamed autoclass for clarity
  • Travis configuration was updated accordingly

1.2.0 - Performance and documentation

  • improved examples in the documentation
  • improved performance of var_checker (lessons learnt from parsyfiles)

1.1.0 - Mkdocs and enforce

  • now using mkdocs to generate the documentation from markdown
  • @autoprops: generated getters and setters now have correct PEP484 signature, which makes the library compliant with enforce
  • updated documentation accordingly

1.0.0 - First public working version with PyContracts