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2.5.0 - New replace_NaN_with and replace_NaT_with options

  • New replace_NaN_with and replace_NaT_with options to control how NaN and NaT get converted. Fixes #11
  • packaging improvements: set the "universal wheel" flag to 1, and cleaned up the In particular removed dependency to six for setup and added py.typed file. Added pyproject.toml too. Fixes #13

2.4.0 - new helper method + doc

New method create_response_body in RequestResponseClient. Updated doc to show how these goodies can be used.

2.3.2 - added __version__ attribute

Added __version__ at package level.

2.3.1 - Config files can now be templates

ClientConfig.load_config() now accepts keyword arguments that will be used as replacements for variables in the config files. Fixes #10.

New dependency: jinja2

2.2.0 - Request-Response: new default behaviour concerning outputs, and new parameter.

Low-level API:

  • RequestResponseClient.read_response_json_body now does not filter outputs anymore even if a non-None output_names is provided.

  • New parameter to execute_rr: only_keep_selected_output_names. If this is True the legacy behaviour of filtering outputs by names is preserved. Otherwise all outputs are preserved. Fixes #9

High-level API:

  • AzureMLClient.call_azureml: ws_output_names now appears as optional in the type hints. Improved docstring comments slightly.

2.1.0 - High-level clients: swagger, remote-only services + Bugfix


  • Swagger format is now supported in both high-level (call modes) and low-level (RR and Batch clients) API. Fixes #5.

  • New argument remote_only to disable local usage of a service. Fixes #8.


  • Fixed bug with decoding AzureML errors. Fixes #7.

  • call_local_service: renamed argument service_name to function_name to distinguish better between the service (azureml) and the function (local implementation's method).

2.0.0 - New tools for high level api creation

New features:

  • AzureMLClient helper class to create pythonic high-level APIs, supporting both local and remote call modes, and configurable from yaml and ini/cfg files.


  • azure-storage dependency is now optional (only for batch mode)

  • improved documentation and type hints, and changed some method names and contents to be more pythonic. This was indeed a quite old project :).

  • removed use_new_ws from all methods - this concept is not meaningful anymore for AzureML usage.

  • renamed RR_Client into RequestResponseClient and Batch_Client into BatchClient. Old names will stay around for a version or two for compatibility reasons.

  • got rid of the useless Converters container classes for data binding.

1.2.0 - Support for "swagger" mode

  • Added swagger=True mode support for azureML calls

1.1.0 - Python 2 support, and a few bugfixes

  • Updated this old project (my first public python package :) ) to more recent continuous integration and tests standards.
  • Support for python 2
  • A few bugfixes
  • Added all correct dependencies in

1.0.1 - First version

Request-response and Batch modes support, python 3 only.