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2.2.3 - fixed packaging

  • packaging improvements: set the "universal wheel" flag to 1, and cleaned up the In particular removed dependency to six for setup. Fixes #21

2.2.2 - Minor packaging improvements

  • Added __version__ attribute. Fixes #20
  • Improved, in particular long description now uses markdown (no pandoc anymore) and zip_safe is false. Fixes #18
  • Added py.typed file for PEP561 compliance. Fixes #19

2.2.1 - pyproject.toml

Added pyproject.toml.

2.2.0 - Better signature for mini-lambda functions

When converting an expression into a function, the resulting callable object now has the same signature than inner evaluate. Fixes #17.

2.1.0 - New features to improve usability.

  • Added two helper functions is_mini_lambda_expr and as_function. Fixes #13

  • Renamed _LambdaExpression to LambdaExpression. It is now exported at package lavel, that's clearer.

  • Added __repr__ to LambdaFunction. Fixes #14.

2.0.1 - fixed dependency issue

  • in 2.0.0 pandas and numpy were mandatory again. Fixed that.

2.0.0 - python 2 support, default repr, and cleaner submodules structure

  • Lambda expressions now have a normal repr by default, and this can be disabled by using the repr_on attribute to False. Fixes #12

  • Added support for python 2. Fixes #11.

  • The package structure is now cleaner. In particular, predefined variables are in mini_lambda.vars and predefined symbols (constants, functions and classes) are in mini_lambda.symbols.

1.4.0 - fixed initial import time + added And() and Or()

  • Fixed #5 by making numpy and pandas import optional: they are now only imported if you import mini_lambda.numpy_ or mini_lambda.pandas_ respectively.

  • New And() and Or() functions, see #7

1.3.1 - fixed ImportError in code generation

  • the latest autoclass has its fixed, this revealed a ImportError: cannot import name 'getmembers' because we were importing getmembers from it instead of inspect. Fixed

1.3.0 - fixed

  • The init file has been improved so as not to export symbols from other packages. Fixes #6

1.2.4 - Minor improvements in generated goodies

  • Removed annoying warning message when loading goodies
  • Removed useless try/except for goodies that do not need import

1.2.3 - Fixed minor bug in code generation

  • Removed all None that were appearing in the file
  • Now compliant with old versions of typing module: typing.Type is not imported explicitly anymore.

1.2.2 - Fixed code generation to solve two import errors

  • Fixed #3 and #4. Generated source code has been removed from version control to avoid this kind of errors in the future.
  • Travis script has been equipped with an automatic module import checker to detect such issues earlier next time.

1.2.0 - New alias and bugfix for constant functions

  • added alias make_lambda_friendly for Constant, since it is able to convert anything (constants, functions and classes) to lambda-friendly objects usable in expressions.
  • Fixed #2 that was a bug happening when using lambda-friendly methods with non-lambda arguments

1.1.0 - Compatibility with standard functions

  • It is now possible to use any function in a lambda expression, through use of the make_lambda_friendly_... methods (see documentation)
  • All built-in methods as well as all constants, methods and classes from the and modules are provided in a lambda-friendly way by the package for convenience
  • Updated documentation accordingly, and made main page clearer
  • Renamed class _InputEvaluator into _LambdaExpression
  • A few bugfixes in particular support for keyword arguments when a function call is made in a lambda expression
  • <expr>.nnot(), <expr>.any() and <expr>.all() renamed <expr>.not_(), <expr>.any_() and <expr>.all_() for consistency and to avoid conflicts with any()/all() methods that would already be defined in the class, for example NumPy.

1.0.0 - First public version

  • Initial fork from valid8 sources.
  • Added documentation and printability of expressions, which implied to properly handle operator precedence.